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Academic foreign qualification recognition

The Ministry of Education of Lithuania requires students who received their high school diplomas from different country than Lithuania to have academic qualification recognition.

Academic qualification recognition gives an access to higher education for the purposes of further study in Lithuania.

Starting from January 2018, LCC International University was given a legal permission to proceed academic recognition of foreign qualifications for students who apply to study at LCC.

The Admissions Office is responsible for direct communication with a person seeking recognition of the foreign qualification, the publication of qualification recognition procedures, the formulation and presentation of decisions made, the data processing and systematization, reporting to SKVC.


Applicants seeking admissions to undergraduate or graduate programs at LCC have to submit the following documents:

  1.  Application form. The applicant has to fill in a separate form online or print it out and submit a hard copy. Also a copy of the application can be picked up at the Admissions Office (room #25). Please attach your documents to online application form.
  2. Diploma. Secondary education certificate or earned undergraduate degree diploma has to be final and in the original language. If the final diploma is yet to be issued, the applicant must include a provisional certification, which confirms the fact of graduation and provides the title of the qualification in the original language.
  3.  Academic transcript. The academic transcript, records of grades, or a similar document has to be in the original language. It should list all the subjects, grades, and credits and/or hours. For some countries, it is required for the academic transcript to be sent directly to Admissions Office from the educational institution.
  4.  Form of identification. Passport or ID card (issued by EEA or EFTA countries), or Lithuanian residence permit.
  5.  Valid proof of name changed. If the applicants name in the credential differs from the name in the passport, a valid proof of name change has to be submitted. Example: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or another form of proof issued by a competent official body.
  6.  Documents of prior education. If an applicant is applying for recognition of a second cycle higher education qualification, such as a Master degree or similar, a Bachelor diploma and academic transcript have to be submitted.
  7.  Any additional documents. Any documents and/or information related to the applicant’s studies that may be relevant.

If an applicant seeks Admissions to a degree program and has an earned qualification required for the program, one has to submit the application for admissions and qualification recognition at the same time. Admissions decision will be made once the applicant’s foreign qualification is evaluated.

If an applicant seeks Admissions to a degree program and yet does not have an earned qualification required for the program, one is given Conditional Acceptance if all Admissions requirements are met. The conditionally admitted student is required to submit the documents for foreign qualification recognition by August 1st. In case the foreign qualification is not recognized, the admissions decision may be revoked.

Note: Admissions Office will not process the application of foreign qualification unless all of its sections are duly filled in and supplemented with a full documentation package.


Originals or certified true copies

All the enclosed documents (including your passport) must be originals or copies certified as true by a competent body, such as a notary public, a court official, or the issuing institution. Scanned copies, uncertified copies, or copies attested by non-competent institutions will not be accepted. We reserve the right to request for the originals of your credentials for verification purposes at any time during the processing of your application. The submitted originals can be picked up in our office, returned in a registered letter or you may arrange for a courier service pick up.

Official translation

All documents issued in languages other than English or Lithuanian should be supplemented with an official translation. A translation is considered to be official when it is bound to a certified true copy of the document in the original language and is attested by the translator’s signature. Documents issued in English or Lithuanian do not require a translation.

“Apostille” and Document Legalization

Our office recommends legalizing or certifying with an “Apostille” the originals of your educational credentials except documents issued in the countries from EU, EEB, US, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova.


  • Enrollment in Spring 2019 – latest till 1st December 2018 
  • Enrollment in Fall 2019 – latest till 1st August 2019


  • In person. Please bring a package of documents to LCC International University, Kretingos str.36, Klaipėda. Office #25 
  •  By post or courier service. Document package can be posted to LCC International University, Admission Office, Kretingos str.36, LT-92307 Klaipėda, Lithuania. LCC is not responsible for any loss or damage of documentation during shipping. 
  • By e-mail. When documents are submitted by e-mail, please bring your originals on arrival day at LCC Admission Office for verification.

Processing time

If all of the required documents are submitted to Admission Office, our decision is issued within 14 calendar days. An applicant is notified about our decision by e-mail within 5 working days counting from the day a decision was issued.

Possible decisions

  • Academic Foreign Qualification is recognized. 
  • Academic Foreign Qualification is recognized to study a certain program. 
  • Academic Foreign Qualification is recognized only if additional requirements are fulfilled (test, exam, courses or etc.). 
  • Academic Foreign Qualification is not recognized.

Right to appeal

All recognition decisions issued by LCC Admissions Office can be appealed. An appeal should be filled within 14 days from the receipt of our decision. Appeal should be submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. Click a link for futher information