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As the only Christian liberal arts university in Eastern Europe including the former Soviet Union, LCC International University plays the important role of educating the whole person, of contributing to the region through the development of future leaders, of delivering a well-rounded education based on a Christian worldview. 

All of these outcomes are made possible through the strength and commitment of the faculty and staff. Because we are committed to being accessible for all students who meet our admissions requirements, we acknowledge the need for supporters who will walk alongside our faculty and staff – with financial resources, and with ongoing care and prayer support.  



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We need your support

Our students come from over 43 countries, most of which have GDP 9 times lower than that of United States (62,641 USD).

GDP per capita
Lithuania 19,090 USD
Russia 11,289 USD
Georgia 4,345 USD
Ukraine 3,095 USD
Keeping tuition fees low

To keep tuition fees low and offer scholarships to our students more than half of our budget relies on donor support.

You make it possible

1. Your donations to staff & faculty

Thanks to your contributions, LCC students get high quality education and services from experienced professionals at affordable costs.

2. Donations to annual fund

Gifts from donors allows us to offer scholarships to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it. Every year LCC distributes 500,000 USD as financial aid to 65% of LCC students.

3. Tuition fees

As private, non-profit university we cover part of our operational costs by tuition fees. Thanks to  contributions of our donors we are able to keep tuition fees as low as 4, 000 USD per year for BA programs.

Debt-free institution

Over the past decades LCC have proved itself to be a reliable and transparent organisation.  

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About 2/3rds of our staff & faculty are supported by donors like you. You are probably already familiar with at least one of them. Use this form to help support her/him.

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