Interlibrary loan

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan will be restricted to LCC faculty and thesis students. Wider availability will be reviewed later.

Who can use it?

Interlibrary loan will be restricted to LCC faculty and thesis students. Wider availability will be reviewed later.

What kinds of materials can be obtained?

At present we will fill only requests for books which can be borrowed within Lithuania and Europe. Photocopies of periodical journals can also be requested.

How much does it cost?

ILL service is free of charge.

How do I request a book?

Request forms and instructions for searching are available from the Reference Librarian or online. There are different forms for books and articles. Complete a separate form for each item requested including the complete citation.

How long does it take?

This depends on the location of the lending library and how they send it. Most books will come in 1-2 weeks.

Will I know when the book or article comes in?

You will be informed via email when the material arrives.

How long can I use the books?

The lending library decides how long you may keep it, usually 1-3 weeks.

Where can I use the books?

Interlibrary Loan books will be for use only in LCC Library. They will be held on a shelf in the reserve section behind the circulation desk and will have straps on showing your name and the due date. Let the Library staff know if you are finished with the book before the due date. Otherwise we will mail it back on the due date.

Interlibrary loan policy for Partner Institutions

No library can supply all the needs of its patrons. Balčiūnai Library is open to agreements with other educational institutions so that we can share our resources with others as well as obtain items needed by our patrons.

  1. Libraries wishing to borrow from Balčiūnai Library will sign the Interlibrary Loan agreement outlining the responsibilities of both the lending and borrowing libraries.
  2. Balčiūnai library will keep holdings current and make them available on their online catalog at
  3. An institutional account will be set up for participating libraries. Borrowed items will be checked out on that account, and the borrowing institution will be responsible for the circulation and retrieval of items to and from their patrons. Individual patrons from other institutions will not be able to check items out directly from Balčiūnai Library.
  4. Requests will be submitted via email, mail or filling in special forms posted on the website. Note: forms for articles and books differ.
  5. All requests for items will be considered, though the decision to lend materials is at the discretion of Balčiūnai Library staff.
  6. Normal circulation periods of 4 weeks with one renewal, if allowed, will apply. Recalls can be made after 2 weeks if a Balčiūnai Library patron has requested the book.
  7. Journal articles or extracts from reference or reserve material can be scanned or photocopied in compliance with copyright laws. If photocopying is required, costs will be billed to the borrowing library.
  8. The borrowing institution will reimburse Balčiūnai Library for the postal costs. Invoices will be issued semi-annually (on May 30th & November 30th) by LCC International University. Return postage is the responsibility of the borrower.
  9. If a borrowed item is lost, damaged, or is not returned in a timely manner, the borrowing institution will be billed for replacement costs.