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Leadership Development

At LCC International University we believe that leadership is a process that is ultimately concerned with fostering change.  It implies a process where there is movement – from wherever we are now to some future place.  Leadership is a purpose filled process which is inherently value based. Our theoretical foundation for student leadership development (Social Change Model) promotes values that are in line with the vision, mission and student learning outcomes for LCC International University (LCC): equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service in the context of the diverse environment of our university.

The goal of the Leadership Development Program is to provide opportunity for leadership development for students as they work collaboratively with other students, guided and supported by staff mentors in an experience where they are together in a process of positive social change. Student leaders will not simply learn theory and content about leading but will learn through concrete experience. The program will provide adequate orientation and training for the specific student leader role, accountability and support from their mentor, opportunities for development of leadership values, skills and understanding, and opportunities for personal self assessment and feedback.

Students who serve at LCC in various student leadership positions make a commitment of time, energy and creativity to the LCC community because they believe in the mission of university and want to contribute to a positive experience for the LCC community. 

If you have any questions about LDP, email Student Life Vice President Margarita Pavlovic at  

Each student leader is asked to share a common commitment to this community:

  • Uphold LCC’s current behavioral standards
  • Work with and cooperate respectfully with the mentor

Become a Student Leader

Why become a student leader?

While being a student leader requires more time and energy, there are a numerous positive outcomes that are associated with this invaluable experience:    

  • You will be able to learn essential leadership skills such as team-work, planning, project management, assessment and evaluation, motivation, implementation as well as giving and receiving feedback.
  • You can make LCC the place YOU want it to be. While some complain there is a lack of this or that, YOU have the power to make the difference for yourself and others.
  • You will get individual accountability and support from YOUR mentor.
  • The program provide numerous opportunities for Your professional development: from group professional development sessions to conferences and retreats with well-known leaders.
  • You will enhance YOUR university learning by complimenting your academic knowledge with skills for life which will improve your employable as well as equip you to lead wherever you are!

Our Programs

Community Multicultural Awareness Program

In this program, LCC students (Lithuanians and international) offer something very valuable to the high school students of Klaipeda – awareness of cultural diversity, human rights and important social issues. Lithuania is a predominately mono-cultural society (83% Lithuanians) and many Lithuanian high school students have never met a foreigner. In CMAP, diverse LCC students develop authentic relationships with high school students and also educate them, making them more aware of the world. The purpose of this education is to help bridge the gap between mono-cultural Lithuania and multicultural world and to promote a more tolerant and socially engaged Klaipėda and Lithuania. 

Position description
Training starts on: September 18, 2018  

Admission Ambassador Program

The purpose of this program is to give visibility to LCC and its programs through recruitment strategies such as introduce high school students (both EU and non-EU ) to LCC community, inform them about our BA and MA programs, invite them to take part in LCC events (e.g. CMAP or English Club), Open Door Days, University Days or any other events taking place on LCC campus or off Campus.  

Position description
Training starts on: September 7, 2018  

Intercultural Program

The Intercultural Program seeks to build bridges between cultures. It recognizes that the students, staff and faculty of LCC represent a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and encourages each community member to develop a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, their own and other cultures. It seeks to include all members of the LCC community in the international learning experience. Distinct from a multi-cultural program, it seeks to promote intentional learning and relationships between distinct cultures, not merely recognition of the existence of different cultures. It desires to do this creatively!  

Position description
Training starts on: September 8, 2018  

Chapel Program

The chapel program encourages all students to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing a weekly space for students to worship and discover more about God. Although Chapel is explicitly Christian, we strive to make it inviting and welcoming for students of all faith backgrounds. We seek to incorporate a variety of practices in chapel that reflect the diverse denominational backgrounds of our students. These practices include: musical worship, teaching by LCC staff and faculty, the sharing of faith stories, prayer, quiet reflection, corporate readings, visual art, etc. 

Position description
Training starts on: August 29, 2018  

First Year Seminar Program

FYS student leader works with the Student Success Center Coordinator to plan and facilitate the First Year Student Orientation. It is the goal of the orientation program to welcome all first year students and help them feel at home at LCC. FYS mentors and faculty instructors work together throughout the fall semester as peer leaders in their FYS groups of maximum 15 first year students, assisting them in their transition to their academic and social life at LCC. 

Position description
Training starts on:  August 23, 2018  

International Exchange Program

The International Exchange program creates the experience for Asian and European students who come to LCC. The student leader is the primary communicator with incoming students, listening to and answering questions, as well as providing important information. A student leader also administers systems for group events, activities and excursions, conveys and dialogues about cultural issues through his/her unique personality.

Position description
Training starts on: August 29, 2018  

Study Abroad Program

Through Study Abroad program student leaders create the experience for the Study Abroad students who come to LCC. Interns are the primary communicators with Study Abroad students, listening to and answering questions, as well as giving important information. Interns also administer systems for group events, activities and excursions.  Interns use their unique personalities to convey and dialogue about cultural issues. 

Position description
Training starts on:  August 25, 2018

Residence Life Program

The Residence Life program creates a unique learning and living environment for residential students. Resident Assistants work together to promote community, safety, and engagement in the residence halls. The goal of this team is to make University Housing feel like home for its residents by creating a safe, educational, and fun atmosphere through intentional relationship building, policy enforcement, and building community through events. 

Position description
Training starts on: August 23, 2018

Spiritual Life Program

The spiritual life program exists to encourage all students to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing tools and events that introduce and encourage students to explore questions about the Christian faith. The spiritual life program also exists to challenge Christian students to grow in their faith through Christian fellowship, Bible study, prayer, spiritual disciplines, rest, etc. We do this by promoting and strengthening meaningful Christian fellowship across cultures and various faith backgrounds and providing various spiritual formation activities. Finally, the spiritual life program exists to encourage service and justice in our local and world communities. We do this by connecting LCC students, staff and faculty with the needs of the local community in order to use our time, money and resources to serve others and to right injustices. 

Position description
Training starts on: August 29, 2018 

How to Apply?

To apply for a formal student leadership position  an applicant must submit the following Student Leader Application Form by February 16:00 (Friday) by 12:00.  Late applications are unacceptable.

Only students whose CUM GPA is above 7.0 will be considered for the program.

How Leaders Will be Selected?

All applicants will receive an invitation to interview for their chosen position. For other positions, interviews are at the discretion of a mentor of the program. Applicants will receive a letter that states whether they have been hired before Spring break. Students that were not hired will be also be informed. Student leaders will need to confirm their acceptance.

All new student leaders must attend the new student leader orientation organized by the team of mentors before the current year ends.

Please also look at Student Leader Commitments 

Important Dates for Spring 2018

  • February 8, 18:00: Meet & Greet (Neumann Lobby). Evening coffee-house mingle time with supervisors and current student leaders. Bring your own mug!
  • February 16: Leadership Applications Due at 12:00 noon.
  • February 12 – February 23: Student Leader Interview Period
  • March 2: Notifications are sent out to hired student leaders
  • April 12: Student Leader Awards Ceremony and New Student Leader Orientation

Leadership Awards

Every year we acknowledge student leaders during the appreciation event Leadership Awards Ceremony. During this time a number of awards a presented to current and graduating student leaders.  

Leadership Excellence Award

The Leadership Excellence Award is given in recognition for outstanding overall contribution to the LCC community life through student leadership activities. The recipient of this award has initiated programs or activities designed to foster a greater sense of community among LCC students and staff, and between the LCC community and the greater Klaipeda community. They have held a student leadership position for at least two years, while maintaining a grade point average of 9.2 and higher. The award recipient is selected by each student leader supervisor and the rest of the Student Life staff through a vote.  

Bonnie Straight Award

The Bonnie Straight Award for Service and Leadership was created in 2008 in honor of a long-term faculty member who left a legacy of service and leadership. Bonnie Straight served in the Business Administration department as both Department Chair & Faculty member for more than a decade, as well as serving in many informal leadership roles within the LCC community. She was someone who was known at LCC for selflessly serving students, staff and faculty with a warm smile & a listening ear, provided additional support for students above & beyond the classroom. Since 2008, this award is being presented to a graduating student who exemplifies the qualities of both service and leadership. They must have served in a formal leadership position for 3 years while also demonstrating excellence in service in both their leadership position as well as in the larger LCC community. The award recipient is selected by each student leader supervisor and the rest of the Student Life staff through a vote. The recipient’s name is engraved on a plaque and is exhibited in the Alumni gallery.  

List of recipients
  • 2016: Vitaliy Sokyrka
  • 2015: Irsana Payzullaeva
  • 2014: Oleksandra Baklaieva
  • 2013: Anton Putilin
  • 2012: Vaiva Čekatauskaitė
  • 2011: Alla Khoruzha
  • 2010: Kateryna Khozroshyna
  • 2009: Yuliya Prysyazhnyuk
  • 2008: Vladiyslav Bolyelov

Student Leader of the Year Award

The Student Leader of Year Award is presented to a student leader in the current academic year who has demonstrated excellent service in their leadership role and have made an outstanding contribution to LCC community through various initiatives, events, and projects. The selected student needs to exhibit an overall emotional, physical, social and academic balance and well-being, be a great example to his fellow student leaders. The award recipient is selected by each student leader supervisor and the rest of the Student Life staff through a vote.  

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