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Student Success

This Student Handbook is meant to be a tool for successful experiences at LCC International University. The current edition supersedes and replaces all previous editions and versions. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this handbook, in no sense is it to be considered a binding contract, and it may be changed by action of appropriate bodies within the university.

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Tutoring & Academic Support

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides individual support and tutoring in math and writing, as well as other subject areas as needed. The SSC seeks to provide a welcoming, safe, non-threatening, and confidential setting where students' academic questions can be heard, addressed, and acted upon in a timely manner.

Writing Tutoring

Writing Tutors are available to help all students working on writing assignments for any course at LCC. Trained tutors are available for one-on-one assistance with student writing, i.e. proofreading drafts, academic writing coaching, help with citations, formatting, etc.

Math Tutoring

Math Tutors are available to help all students working on math & business assignments at LCC.

Group Study

Group Study Sessions are offered prior to midterm and final exams to help students prepare in a group learning environment.

Thesis Workshops

Together with Thesis Directors, a Thesis Writing Workshop Series is offered to senior students who are in the process of writing their thesis. Topics can include: organization, sourcing, proofreading, and more.

Additional Help

If you need help in another subject or have a special request or need (i.e. research, time management, communicating with professors) the SSC will work to provide an appropriate one-on-one tutor.

How can I get help?

Any student may sign-up for tutoring help or individual consultation with or without professor or instructor request.

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Want to be a tutor?

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Tutors are hired during the Spring semester for the following academic year. For specific questions, please reach out to Hailey Altena at

Career Planning

Help is available for discovering your interests, strengths, and personality factors related to careers. You can learn a lot about your options and what you would be good at by visiting your Career Center Director or Counselor . We have tools to help you discover what careers you would most enjoy. To help plan and develop your career planning skills, we organise workshops, assessment tests and provide individual career counseling to students of any year.

Individual Counselling

Career counseling sessions are designed to help you define your career/life path; identify your skills and areas of interest.

  • Discuss your major and career goals. Get to know your skills and values to narrow down your career direction. 
  • Get assistance in developing your CV and cover letter.
  • Get information on a summer job, on and off campus job postings and internship possibilities in your career field.  
  • Improve your interviewing skills by signing for a practice interview.

Know more about yourself

Explore the various assessments in this section, feel free to schedule an appointment with the staff to discuss the results and how they can be applied.

Free | Take a Test >

MBTI is an assessment tool used by many colleges and universities. You answer a series of simple questions, and the computer-scored tabulation provides information about your interests, strengths, and personality related to different types of careers. This tool can also suggest specific courses, jobs and internships, and extracurricular activities relevant to personal and career interests.  The MBTI is a personality inventory that identifies you as one of sixteen distinct personality types. Each personality type correlates with happiness in certain careers.

Free | Take a Test >

A free online assessment CareerLink Inventory, is a relatively simple tool that can teach you a lot about yourself and career that can suit your interests.

Free | Take a Test >

You'll learn more about what these scores mean, and how your top interest area can help you to understand which careers you are suited for.

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The Values Test can help you learn more about your underlying work needs and motivations, and can help you decide what is important to you in a job. The test does this by asking you to rank different aspects of work that represent six underlying work values. Knowing your work values can help you decide what kinds of jobs and careers you might want to explore.When you complete the test, you will get scores for each of six work values clusters.

Free | Take a Test >

Five personality traits are evaluated: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The assessment identifies a preference out of the five and can help you identify learning styles as well as work preferences.

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Top 5 CliftonStrengths reveals the first five talent themes in your profile and includes basic strategies to help you start applying your them to succeed. It measures your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Top 5 CliftonStrengths is ideal for people who want a basic understanding of what they naturally do best.

Now that you have learned more about yourself, follow the Career and Employment section of our website to learn how to write a CV, get ready for the job interview, navigate labor market, etc.

Probation students

Your academic success is important to us and we want to make sure you know who you can go to for help. If you have been placed on probation, the Student Success Center (SSC) Coordinator will help you through different activities which will allow you to see your strengths, gain knowledge on how to improve your study habits, and work with your time management skills. If you have questions, contact Hailey Altena in the SSC at You are also encouraged to meet regularly with your academic advisor to seek help.

Expectations of Probation Students

Once on probation, students will sign an academic contract with the Student Success Center Coordinator. The contract outlines that students on probation must:

  • Attend mandatory weekly tutoring at the Student Success Center
  • Take 4 classes or less per semester (24 credits or less)
  • Retake failed courses
  • Attend 4 mandated meetings with LCC Staff (See below) 
  • Not work during the probation period
  • Attend mandatory counseling (not required in all cases)
  • Raise their CUM GPA to 6.00
  • There may also be additional requirements specific to each student

A student whose Cumulative (CUM) GPA falls below 6.00 is automatically placed on academic probation. Typically this happens at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Students on probation will be notified by the Committee on Academic Standing.

If the student raises their CUM GPA above a 6.00 and the contract is fulfilled at the end of the period, the student will return to good standing. If achieving good standing in one term seems unlikely or even impossible, the Committee on Academic Standing will consider placing a student on probation for up to three semesters.

Failure to meet the requirements outlined in the contract will result in suspension or dismissal. Dismissed students will be notified in writing. Students may submit a written appeal to the Academic Vice President. The Academic Vice President’s decision is final and non-negotiable.

Students on probation will attend 4 mandatory meetings with LCC Staff. Each meeting will be between 30-45 minutes. Students will be contacted directly to arrange these meetings. 

  • Meeting #1, September: Meet with Student Success Center Coordinator, Hailey Altena (DeFehr 228)
  • Meeting #2, October: Meet with Counselor, Ina Kamaitytė (Neumann East 107)
  • Meeting #3, November: Meet with Career Counselor, Eglė Valiaugienė (DeFehr 22)
  • Meeting #4, December: Meet with Student Success Center Coordinator, Hailey Altena (DeFehr 228)

First Year Seminar (FYS)