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Our campus housing is more than a place to sleep. It's a vibrant learning community where students from many cultures share life together. As a resident you will make friends who last forever and be part of many meaningful activities and programs. Actively experiencing a holistic community through everyday living and learning, intentional programming, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and restorative practices, students become thoughtful and responsible members of the relational community who act with integrity and respect. We have established various support networks to make our students feel safe and taken care of. Dormitory, or dorm, is the popular term used by students to refer to a residence hall. The term comes from the word dormant, meaning to sleep. Because these are places where students live, study, learn, and sleep, this is why cal them residence halls.

2 residence halls

60% female

35% freshmen

398 beds

Learning goals

A Healthy Lifestyle

staying well physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Examples of events that help develop it.

Better Communication

learning how to communicate effectively and resolve challenges constructively.

To Appreciate Diversity

becoming more familiar with students from around the world, sharing traditions, food, and life together.

To Take Responsibility

doing your part to make the halls great places to live.


Residence life programming: 

  • Is intentionally structured for residential learning experiences in a living learning environment. 
  • Enriches and supports students’ academic, social, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs 
  • Utilizes peer education and peer advising

Our programs are aimed to foster reflective, meaningful and authentic dialogue among community members in the residence halls in order to form men and women for and with others through transformational and inclusive learning.

The community development model contains several different components that promote learning and dialogue among community members in the residence halls:

Individual Conversations

ResLife staff have one-on-one conversations with residents throughout the course of the year to get to know students as individuals, help them process and reflect on the experiences that they are having, and evaluate how the year has gone.

Community Gatherings

ResLife staff facilitate consistent group interaction and dialogue through informational meetings and social gatherings on each floor.

Roommate Agreements

ResLife staff promotes dialogue among roommates by facilitating a roommate agreement meeting that allows individuals to learn about each other, communicate their needs, and manage conflicts that could occur.

Hall and Campus Experiences

ResLife staff helps residents connect with experiences upon which they can reflect, learn, and connect to larger communities by promoting and attending hall and campus events with residents throughout the year. The hall events are planned by the community programming council.

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Want to be a Resident Assistant?

Apply to be a student leader during the Spring semester! Student leaders are hired for the following academic year. For specific questions, visit Leadership development program webpage or reach out to Student Life Vice President Margarita Pavlovic at

“15 years of experience”

Venus has 15 years of work experience at 7 different universities around the world, primarily working in the functional areas of campus leadership, residence life, student conduct and international students.

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Venus Lee
Residence Director

“hard-working team builder”

Julija has worked in Residence Life for five years, out of which, three was as Resident Assistant for around 35 residents. She is hard-working, quick learner, creative, team builder.

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Julija Tumosaitė
Residence Director

“Building community”

AJ desires to build community, and foster growth and development in students. In his free time, AJ enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

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Aaron Howell
Residence Director