Accelerate Your International Management Career

Our MA International Management program is designed for ambitious individuals desiring to strengthen their management and leadership skills. During the two-year time, you'll prepare yourself for a global, diverse career, with opportunities across many sectors and industries.

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  • Open doors to new career opportunities. 
  • Get the most out of your studies - benefit from the hybrid study model blending online classes and live residency assignments.
  • Combine studies with work - enjoy flexible hours and complete the program in 24 months as a working professional.
  • Learn from international mentors and world-class U.S. lecturers with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • American style education at affordable tuition rates. 

15 - 20 hours a week

Online studies

2 Weeks During First Year at LCC

On campus residency in August & January of first year


Prepare for an international career

Join our close-knit global student, lecturer and mentor community, and accelerate your career by gaining essential business skills, expanding your professional network and experience with international projects.

Stand out with practical skills

Develop skills in research methods and data-driven decisions, then instantly apply them by solving practical case studies. Perform research studies that are impactful and immediately publishable. 

Learn to create meaningful change

Study innovation for social impact to solve global social and business challenges. Explore how you can change the way the world does business and how the business impacts the world.

North American style university in the heart of Europe

With in-person and online study programs and students from different countries, cultures and perspectives, we aim to create a unique immersive student experience.

LCC embraces the North American education style and fosters critical thinking, conflict transformation, multicultural perspective, effective communication, Christian worldview, servant leadership, multidisciplinary knowledge and community building.  



“program that aims at academic excellence and self-development”

"I was truly lucky to have been in the MA International Management program for its effectiveness and efficiency. It is a capacity-building program that aims at academic excellence and self-development, along with a broader understanding of organizational work culture.

This MA IM program has enabled me to perform better academic research. It has helped me with critical thinking and academic writing. This program has afforded me the opportunity to explore leadership in organizations, organizational change, organizational behavior, and human resources management and development. I had the great opportunity to meet, work and study with multicultural students, professors, and LCC staff members from different continents. This also contributed to great self-development and awareness.

After graduating and applying for numerous jobs, it was an honor to include LCC in my curriculum vitae (CV). Proudly, I am now working for a UN agency. The MA IM program is reputable and helps give employment opportunities, even within a short period of time after graduation.

I would definitely recommend this program to others for its unique outcomes. With a Master’s degree in International Management, you are able to apply for various jobs including but not limited to leadership, management, development, humanitarian aid, and organizational management. Also, it is a great opportunity to explore and research interesting topics to generate new ideas and solutions.

Last note to future students in the MA IM program, be sure to follow up continuously in and out of class and never hesitate to ask questions."

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Al-Ali Dawood Sulaiman Qari
MA IM Graduate, 2020

“An exciting opportunity”

"The MA IM program at LCC provides an exciting opportunity for students to reach a higher level of knowledge relating to key business and management strategies that emphasize topics such as innovation, social impact, global issues in a world that is constantly changing. The MA IM program at LCC is unique in that it relates these concepts to global and domestic businesses of any type while maintaining a Christian perspective that respects all societies. The Thesis I and Thesis II courses that I teach allow students to put their knowledge into action by researching and analyzing a topic that is of specific interest to the student, and that could add new ideas to enhance business and management practices. It is exciting for me to guide students through Thesis I and II, and witness the results of their growth at LCC."

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Donna Falloon, PhD
Program Director,
Master’s in International Management  



Residency session at LCC    

Global Marketing & Business Cultures    

Organizational Design & Change 

Leadership and Ethics in Business Strategy 

Residency session at LCC    

Financial Literacy for Managers 

Management Theory & Strategy 

Strategic Human Resource Management 

No sessions on campus    

Business Creativity & Innovation    

Course Elective 1 

No sessions on campus    

Business Research Methods and Metrics    

Data Driven Decision Making   

Course Elective 2

No sessions on campus    

Thesis I    

Thesis II - Thesis Defense in August at LCC  

TOTAL: 90 ECTS credits. *6 ECTS credits = 3 NA credits 


The unique North American liberal arts education prepares LCC MAIM degree students upon graduation to:

Fulfill strategic leadership and management positions that emphasize ethical leadership and actions, sustainability, responsible innovation for social impact

Critically evaluate short- and long-term goals, and apply the analytical skills for data driven decisions to sustain operations

Apply theoretical concepts through an ethical lens of perspective to promote a better future

Effectively manage human capital at the mid and strategic levels within an organization

Approach business in the private and public sectors to create sustainable operations that benefit the world we live in

Understand business and leadership in a holistic, global perspective that embraces diversity and principled action

Admission Requirements

To apply you need:
  • Bachelor's degree - official transcripts and copy of diploma from an accredited university. 
  • Subject knowledge - work experience or undergraduate courses in one of the following areas: Economics, Statistics, Calculus, Management, or Marketing.
  • Two letters of recommendation - recommendations must come from people familiar with the applicant’s character, academic and professional background. Preferably, at least one of the recommendations should come from a university the applicant graduated from.
  • English language certificate - please see details in the chart on the right.
  • Motivational letter - statement of purpose indicating why this program is appropriate for your academic interests and professional goals.


TOEFL® iBT 100

If you don’t have the above-mentioned certificates, we can also consider CPE, CAE and PTE.    

You don’t need a certificate if:
  • You are an LCC alumni
  • You are a citizen of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand
  • You attended a university for at least two years in any of the above-mentioned countries

Tuition fees

  • Tuition for the full academic program (two academic years) is 7,500 EUR
  • Price for LCC alumni is 6,500 EUR 
  • Tuition fees are paid each term
  • Textbooks and mobility costs are not included in tuition

Financial aid options

You can apply for a state funding of 380 Eur per month for duration of your studies if you are from:  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Japan, China, Korea, Israel.

You can apply for 380 Eur stipend and receive 4590 Eur to cover part of tuition fees if you come from: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia or if you are a foreigner of Lithuanian origin.

Funding is offered to limited amount student, first application deadline is May 2. Read more details on government page.

The Lithuanian government distributes over 10 million EUR in student loans annually. For more information on government student loans visit or contact us at

Looking for new knowledge and skills to grow as working professional? Many employers are willing to provide financial support for their employees - talk with your management to discover if they are willing to provide such an opportunity for you.

Please contact our admissions team if you require any additional information or help.

According to Lithuanian law, amounts paid for studies (when higher education and/or qualification is obtained upon graduation, as well as doctoral studies and art post-graduate studies) by residents of Lithuania can be deducted from the taxable income and thus decrease the income tax for residents. If a person whose studies are being paid for is under 26 years of age and tuition cannot be deducted from his/her taxable income, the tuition can be deducted from the taxable income of one of his/her parents/foster parents. If a loan is taken to pay for studies, the amounts that can be deducted are the amounts repaid. The tuition is to be deducted in the annual income declaration.

The highest net benefit of this deduction is income tax savings amounting to 15% of tuition. For more information on Income tax benefit visit

Application process

The program starts in August of each year. Applicants should send their documents and complete applications by May 15th.

Note: Applicants with degrees from non-Lithuanian universities have to send two sets of transcripts to go through the diploma accreditation process with the Ministry of Education. The Admissions team can help you verify your certificate. Please send us an official translation in English, Russian or Lithuanian.  

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