BA Registration

Spring 2021 Registration General Information

Course schedule and registration numbers available here

Dates to register (NOTE: your personal registration date is listed on your online registration form)

  • November 9-10: seniors
  • November 11-13: juniors  
  • November 16-20: sophomores
  • November 23-27: freshmen
  • PRIME students will be registered for required PRIME classes by the Registrar's office staff and will receive their schedules by email by January 10, 2021. 

Registration Instructions


  • Log in to LCC Portal on
  • Open your Academic progress report from "Academics" section.
  • Check if your courses on the academic progress report are recorded correctly.
  • Check which courses need to be taken within each category: core, major, module outside major (general electives).
  • Review Spring 2021 courses on here.
  • Make sure to select those courses or sections where there is space available. NOTE: Space column shows available seats in the class and not how many students are registered! 
  • Check course descriptions by clicking on course title in order to see if you have taken all required prerequisites.
  • Check course comments!  

Step 2:

  • If there are any questions regarding course choice please contact your academic advisor by email.
  • Your advisor's name and email are indicated on your Academic progress report available on under "Academics/Academic Progress".
  • The role of the advisor is very important in the registration process. The advisor is to verify that students are taking courses only with the correct prerequisites and in the recommended sequence. Remember that your advisor may be busy. Check with your advisor well in advance of your deadline.

Step 3:

  • On the portal click "Academics", then "Register for classes" and "Create a new registration form".
  • At the top of the form you will see your personal registration date. Course selection and advisors' approval need to be completed by 15:00 of your registration day.
  • Select classes from the drop-down menu. Make sure to choose "For credit" rather than "Audit" and indicate whether the class is "Preferred" or "Alternative". Make sure to select several alternative courses in case there is no room in any of the preferred courses that you chose.
  • Several classes for upper level students and the majority classes  for freshmen have been already pre-selected by the Registrar’s office staff. These classes have to stay on your registration form. But you are allowed to change their time blocks, if applicable. You can remove the course by clicking “Remove” and adding the same course with another time block from the drop-down menu.
  • Students usually register for 30 ECTS credits (5 classes) per semester. No less than 24 ECTS credits (4 classes) can be taken per semester.

Step 4:

  • Email your advisor and request him/her to review and approve your classes after you have finalized your choice. You can do this by clicking “Submit”If you email your advisor well in advance of your registration day please make sure to double check if there is still room in your chosen classes the night before your registration day since the most updated numbers are posted by 17:00 before your registration day.
  • After advisor receives your registration form he/she will either "Sign" besides each class if approved or put "Rejected" if disapproved. Please be prompt to reply to advisor's messages as your registration needs to be finalized by 15:00 of your registration day. After advisor confirms all of your classes you will see "Advisor-signed' besides each one of them.

Step 5:

  • Registrar's office will register you on your registration day for all classes signed by your advisor. You do not need to send a notification to the Registrar's office to inform of your completed registration. If your advisor does not sign all of your classes you will only be registered for signed classes. The remaining classes will be added as soon as your advisor signs them.
  • On your registration day check your email for registration confirmation. Contact Registrar’s office (#23) immediately if there is no confirmation on your registration date.


  • Students will be registered after any financial or library debts are cleared.
  • Priority in registration is given to students first ranked by year, then by cumulative GPA.
  • Students may register for up to 36 credits per semester. However, if a student's previous semester GPA (Fall 2020) will be lower than 7.00 he/she will be allowed to take no more than 30 credits in the consecutive semester (Spring 2021).
  • Core courses must be taken in their required year (i.e. Biblical Literature I, Biblical Literature II, Lithuanian classes, Conflict Studies and Public Speaking in the 2nd year//Worldview and Christian Faith and Political Economy in the 3rd year. NOTE: PHI 435 Ethics can be taken when the PHI 341 prerequisite is met.
  • If there is no room in the selected block students are automatically registered to a different block if there is space available.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to select several alternative courses that they will be registered for if there is no room in any selected course(s) and waiting lists.
  • If there is no room in the selected class, waiting list, and alternative course students will be informed about that the same day by email and can select another course no later than November 27.
  • 5 is the maximum number of students on the waiting list.
  • Several classes have sections for offsite students only. If you are planning to be offsite in Spring 2021, please make sure to register for these sections. These sections are noted in the course comments.

Financial Information

For any questions please contact Student Financial Services staff at or check

Spring 2021 tuition fees:

€ 318 per 6 ECTS credit course
€ 159 per 3 ECTS credit course  

Tuition rate for PRIME students (semester) – 795 EUR    

Residence Hall fees: 


2 person room  – €525/semester 
4 person room  – €475/semester 
5 person room – €425/semester 
6 people in room – €375/semester 

Dates to remember: 

Full payment for Spring 2021 semester is due December 20, 2020. 

Payment Plan Option: 
- December 15, 2020
- January 15, 2021 
- February 15, 2021 

If you choose a payment plan option, please fill in Payment Schedule Registration Form and submit it to Student Financial Services no later than December 1, 2020. The administrative fee for payment schedule is 17.00 EUR and it will be added to your financial statement after you have submitted the Payment Schedule Registration Form. If you register late for the payment schedule you will be charged 23 EUR administrative fee. 

Please note there will be a 60 EUR fine if you do not pay by the correct deadline. 
The 60 EUR fine will be added to your account if the full payment is not received by the SFS office by the deadline. LCC must receive the payment and see it in your account by the deadline. Please note that international transfers take up to 3-5 working days and local transfers up to 1-2 working days. Therefore, we advise you to plan accordingly. If you are having difficulty making your payment you must contact the Student Financial Services before the payment deadline.


After the first day of classes students must officially withdraw if they do not wish to continue in that course. See the Registrar for details on withdrawing from a course. The schedule below shows the financial consequences of withdrawing. The tuition refund is based upon the day the withdrawal process is complete, not the day the student ceases to attend the course.

  • January 11 – January 17: 100%
  • January 18 – January 31: 50%
  • February 1 – February 14: 25%
  • After February 14: 0%

The tuition refund is based upon the day the withdrawal process is complete, not the day the student ceases to attend the course.