Add / drop week

Course Schedule and Registration Numbers

Check the course schedule and registration numbers. Click on a course title to see its description and prerequisites.

Registration Confirmation

Confirmation of the courses that students are registered for will be sent by September 1.  It is also available on the Portal under Academics/Student Schedule.  Students are responsible for attending or dropping these courses. Students who have not received any confirmation, have been deleted from registration because of the financial debts and must register again.

If students’ registration has been canceled or students did not register in April, students need to register during the Add/Drop week.

Add/Drop Week Instructions (September 2-6)

  • Any changes in the course registration (registering from the waiting list to the class, changing sections, adding/dropping courses) are done only when the Add/Drop form with the appropriate signatures is submitted to the Registrar’s Office:
  • To register or withdraw from a class, first you have to get your advisor’s and then your instructor’s signatures.
  • To change sections or register from the waiting list for the class you have to get your instructor’s signature only.
  • Students who do not come for the first class, lose their place in the class unless prior arrangements with the registrar were made and their tuition was paid.
  • Waiting list students that do not come for the first class lose their priority in that class.
  • Adding a class or registering from the waiting list to the class is only allowed during the Add/Drop week (Sept 2-6). Students who do not officially add wait-listed classes during Add/Drop week will be deleted from these classes.
  • Add/Drop forms are available at the reception desk.
  • Forms must be submitted to Drop Box by LCC reception desk not later than Friday, September 6, 17:00.
  • Students who stop attending a course without officially dropping it, will earn a grade of 0 (F).
  • Students who start attending a course without officially adding it, will not earn any credit.
  • Academic Advisor’s name and email are marked on student Registration Confirmation form that will be emailed to students by September 1.
  • The role of the advisor is very important in the registration process. The advisor is to verify that students are taking courses only with the correct prerequisites and in the recommended sequence. Students who have advisors assigned should see their advisors during advisors’ office hours. Business majors who do not have advisors assigned should see Registrar’s office staff (Office #23) for advising during September 2-6. 
  • The updated Academic Progress reports are available on thePortal under Academics/Academic Progress. Inform the Registrar’s office of any discrepancies! Students are required to always bring them to the meeting with their advisor.
  • Students with Spring 2019 semester GPA below 7.00 may register for up to 30 ECTS credits in Fall 2019. Students with Spring 2019 semester GPA above 7.00 may register for 33-36 ECTS credits in Fall 2019.
  • Students with CUM GPA below 6.00 will receive a probationary notice. Students with Spring 2019 semester GPA below 6.00 will receive an Academic Warning letter.
  • Students who arrive to studies later than September 2 must fill out and submit the Late arrival form if they have not done so already.
  • Students should make sure to check their NEW Registration Confirmation after the Add/Drop week’s changes on Wednesday, September 11.

Online/Partly Online/Irregular Schedule Courses

To register or withdraw from the following courses students first need to get advisor’s signature and then certain department chair’s signature who will sign in place of the instructor:

  • PSY 303 Abnormal Psychology (Dr. Wayne Norman)
  • PSY 412 Clinical Psychology (Dr. Wayne Norman)